Monday, March 17, 2008

My Visit to Bodacious (a warm, fuzzy note from a customer)


A great deal of time has passed since our visit to Vancouver ended (January 14); however I have GOT to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting your store.

My sister-in-law’s friend (Leslie) and I were in your store in early January. I bought a dress (super cute) to wear to my Mother-In-Law’s 80th Birthday party, a black spring coat (by Schaart) and a Robin’s Egg blue faux leather jacket. When I wore/wear these items, I feel so fantastic!

It is so refreshing to see a store whose staff is passionate about the product and genuinely enjoys helping customers. I hope to visit the store again in the summer. Being a size 18 does not mean that you shouldn’t be able to find cute and sexy things to wear and I’m so glad your store has the clothes for cute and sexy size 18s like me!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

(Diva Kat)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mexico Bound!

Last week, I (Lorna) had the privilege of being an invited guest of the Mexican Trade Commission for 2 days in Puebla, Mexico. 5 of us Canadians were sent down to meet with local Mexican business women and handcraft vendors to encourage trade between the two countries. All of the people I met were so gracious and lovely and the city of Puebla (2 hours outside of Mexico City) is absolutely beautiful.
The day after I returned, Barb and her girlfriend left for a different kind of Mexican trip - the kind that involves sandy beaches, cold drinks by the pool and sunshine.
We hope that March is treating you all well and involves great connections with other women, some relaxation time for yourself and some time to honour who you are and how far you've come. Happy International Women's Day/Week/Month!!!