Thursday, May 29, 2008

SALES at Bodacious this weekend!

Our sale continues throughout this weekend (friday-sunday). Here are the deets...
- All Bodacious items - buy one, get the second at 1/2 price
- All Schaart (in store items only) - 15% off
- All Mitzylaneous - 15% off
- All Togs - 20% off
- Diane Kennedy - 20% off
- All jewelry - 20% off
- All cards and stationary - 20% off
And LOTS more!
Don't miss out. This is our biggest sale this year!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hooray for Sunshine Customer Appreciation Day!

Summer is around the corner and spirits are UP. We can't think of a better way to celebrate than to have a

"Hooray for Sunshine Customer Appreciation Day".
Please join us on Thursday, May 29 from 11 - 7 pm for

fantastic in-store specials including...

30% off ALL Bodacious

30% off ALL Mitzylaneous
30% off ALL Schaart Clothing

30% off ALL Togs
30% off ALL Hosiery
AND - yummy treats - door prizes - fun music

This is our opportunity to show you our appreciation.
THANKS for supporting us and shopping LOCAL.
Let's have some FUN !

If you can't make it to this fantastic event, we'll continue to have great deals through the week. Check back here Friday morning for the deets.

"Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided."
Mae West

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bodacious Retail Sales Assistant Needed

Do you... - have retail experience (plus-size fashion gets bonus points)?
- have a good sense of style and humour?
- love working with people?
- have strong organizational skills?
- want to work in one of the prettiest stores on Main Street?
Then…we want you!
It's a great job with lots of perks! 10-20 hours per week.
If you're interested in the fashion/retail industry, we are a growing concern!
Please email us or come into the store for a copy of the application form. Check out our website at
Closing date for this position is May 23, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3rd Place Runner Up -Mother's Day Contest

Adrienne had a LOT to say about her wonderful mother. We have edited it down from 3 pages to a few paragraphs.

Thanks Adrienne!!

My mom… The kind of mother I want to be!

My mom was a work at home mother for the first 13 year of my life. She once said to me, “The decision on whether or not to work at home was very easy for me. I couldn't imagine someone else raising my kids."

...She was the first person I would ask to come shopping with me and the first person to whom my friends would ask opinions of. In high school, while other girls were shopping with their friends I was shopping with my mom. She knew all of the great stores and she really knew how to pull items off a shelf and put them together to make a statement outfit! I always looked nice when she was helping me… plus she’d pay for some of them if I invited her!~ ...

...My mom still influences my clothing decisions. She is in her 50’s now I am in my mid 20’s. There are still many times when she finds me visiting the house, pulling something out of her closet to wear or she hears messages on her voicemail from my fiancĂ© and me asking her to come shopping with us on Sunday because we need new clothes! ...

...My mom is most deserving of this recognition. She has influenced and taught me and my sister style, confidence, and fashion from head to toe! I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day,

Love from your biggest fan,

Second Runner Up - Mother's Day Contest

We loved this story of Hannah and her wonderful father celebrating his loving "mothering"...

I was raised by my father. Back when men raising kids alone was just not done...especially since my father was a fresh immigrant to canada, we over came a lot together. and in my early pre teen's I started to notice how unique our situation was, He made me giggle when i was sad and had great fashion advice, he often taxied my fellow girl guides to and from meet's and there was a 4*4 trail on the route we would tighten our belts and hang on tight laughing cause non of the other girl guide mom's did this. All my friends were making their mom's little flowers and making breakfast in bed, and talking about how wonderful, they were because they wiped there tiers and washed their wounds. and on fathers day we celebrate our strong and hard working dad's and gave them old spice after shave... so I wanted my father to know how much i recognized his maternal side, and decided that mothers day was not just for the female parent it was for the mother figure in your life. and to this day i say happy mothering day to my father... Thank you for great shopping experience's and your concideration...

Mother's Day Contest - We have a WINNER!!!

We want to thank all of you who sent us your special stories about your mothers. It was difficult to pick just one. I think we can all relate to this email sent in by Carolyn.

"Here is the life lesson that I want to share with you regarding Mother's Day.My earliest recollections of my mother are that of her being a very stylish happen' dresser. From the early 70's I have great pictures of her showing her legs in very groovy mini skirts and she always encouraged me to wear whatever I wanted.For this I am grateful cause it taught me to let go and let my little girl dress to express rather than to impress.My story of my Mom is this.. since I was very little my Mom has been on a perpetual diet. She has lost and gained the same 40 lbs for all of my 42 years.I don't think I was really aware of that until two years ago when my Mom came out to BC to celebrate my 40th birthday with me. A few nights before my party my mom and I sat around lookingat old pictures that we were putting up. Everyone of her.. she would look longingly at and say... look how thin I was there.... and sigh... on the verge of tears I realized that this was my many times had I looked at a picture of myself and not felt good enough... and so that was that...from then on ....I decided that I was good enough just as I am...My then 6 year old daughter did not need to hear my self talk about not ever being good enough.. and she did not need me continually telling her how big I was in photos...and she did not needa role model that hated her own photo...Now I proudly stand for photos with my spouse and children and even my mother....who cares about the size of my thighs... what really matters is the size of my heart...Thanks Mom... for one of the most valuable lessons you ever taught me...Regards Carolyn"

Monday, May 12, 2008

New IGIGI Dresses are IN THE HOUSE!

Check out this beautiful jewel - just arrived today! Sizes 12, 14/16, 18/20 or...

this fun and frolicky polka-dotty...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mother's Day Contest

Tell us your story!

In honour of moms day, this year we'd like to hear your stories about how your mom (or mom substitute) influenced your fashion sense - good or bad, serious or funny. Tell us your crazy shopping stories, send us a pic of you and your mom in your home-made matching outfits (or was that just us???) or just let us know how she made a difference to you and your style. We will put your stories before our panel of judges and choose our favourites. The top 3 will be posted on our blog and the number 1 story submission will win a $150 Bodacious gift certificate! Deadline for submission is Friday, May 9th at 6 pm. Please send all entries to We look forward to hearing from you!
(Lorna and Barb-Christmas 1970)
And if you're looking for a special gift for your mom, daughter, friend, special someone - we have a beautiful selection of jewelry, handbags, notecards, etc.HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY
from the ladies at Bodacious!