Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I heart Makeup!

Hello Ladies,

Oz here with a few makeup tips to WOW your friends and family this holiday season!
Christmas is all about lighter shades of shadows with bolder lips. RED is a favorite color for the season. Too hesitant to try it? Dont be!! There are many ways to incorporate red into your makeup wardrobe. Start out with lip tints such as BENEFIT benetint, MAC tinted lip conditioners or KIEHL's tinted lip glosses. A little bit goes a long way and they will all give a subtle touch of red color to your lips; Benetint you can even use on your cheeks! Wanna go bolder?! Stop by your favorite makeup counter and ask the makeup artist to help you pick out the right shade of red lipstick. Remember lip liner is a MUST with red lipstick-it prevents the lipstick from bleeding and keeps in on longer! MAC, CHANEL, LANCOME and GUERLAIN KISS KISS lipsticks are fantastic and come in multiple shades of red so you can find the right one. For the budget-conscious, L'OREAL and COVER GIRL have great shades as well. Make sure that you try the lipsticks on your lips and step out into natural light to ensure the color works well for you.
With your red sultry, sexy lips, keep the rest of your makeup softer with subtle bits of drama. Nice light, almost transluscent colors work best but a little bit of bone colored shimmers work beautifully as well. MAC's Mylar, Vanilla, Naked Lunch and Shroom are great, LANCOME's Vue and Nutmeg are fantastic as well, STILA's Kitten is one of my favorites!
Pair your light shadows with some liquid liner for evening sexiness! Fear not! Liquid liner, while it takes precision, can be mastered with a bit of patience and a bit of practice. Still unsure? Try using and angle brush dipped very lightly in water and then stroke the corner (that way you dont ruin your shadow) of your black shadow (or brown or any color really! but brown/black/grey work best with red lips) and then apply the 'cake' liner as close to your lash line as possible. Allow a few seconds for it to dry ( with your eye closed of course!) and then open and observe your natural talents!! L'OREAL liquid liner comes in a brush tip and felt tip-brush tips have a more controlled line but felt tips are sometimes easier to use. RED EARTH, MAC and MAKEUP FOREVER carry great liquid liners as well as waterproof pencil liners.
Now that your eyes and lips are dressed to impress, all that's left are your cheeks. With a soft but dramatic eye and bold red lips, the best idea is to keep your cheeks soft. Shades of pink, plums and light rose's work beautifully. SMASHBOX and NARS are personal favorites for blush. Remember, a lighter hand is always better with blush. Your body temperature heats up as the day goes on making your cheeks naturally rosy therefore less is always more!

Come New Year's Eve, go ALL out and show your friends your sexy, bodacious self! Shimmer and Sparkle- repeat after me, Shimmer and Sparkle, Shimmer and Sparkle!!!!!!
If you've ever bought shimmer shadows, blush, lipglosses or anything sparkly at all, New Year's Eve is DEFINETLY the time to use them! You can't go wrong with highlights on your cheek bones ( BENEFIT Highbeam, NAPOLEON PERDIS Highlight Wheel, or STILA All over Shimmers), Eyes (ALL LINES CARRY SHIMMERS!!!) or Lips (my favorites are from MAC Lip Laquers and Lancome Color Fever Glosses).
Best tip for New Year's Eve-FALSE LASHES! Trust me, once you try some you'll be hooked. You will for sure be the Belle of the Ball with false lashes and lots of mascara! Unsure about how to apply, purchase a pair from MAC and they'll apply it for you and the best part is you can re-use them!!
So think BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY on New Year's Eve and you'll be the hottest girl there!

Dont forget to stop by Bodacious and pick up your party dresses that'll help you be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!

Wishing you all a wonderful christmas!

Any questions, come see me at Bodacious!

Bodaciously Yours,

Sexy Boots That Fit our Calves!

It's definitely the time of year when you want to have a good, sexy and comfy pair of boots to spice up jeans or your favourite dress. The challenge that most women seem to have is finding a boot that will fit her calf. We've had success through a few different sources.
1. - I've purchased a couple pair of boots from this American online company. They have several pairs of boots with larger calf options and the prices are pretty good.
2. - now available to us North of the border, this website has an awesome selection of shoes and boots in all types of specialty sizing.
3. - Barb and I each bought a pair of boots here last week (at Oakridge Mall in Vancouver) and they have a good selection of Franco Sarto and others that have the stretchy material to fit over a larger calf. (the secret told to me by a Sterling staffer is to fold the boot down like a sock, put it on your foot and then pull the boot up your leg. It seems to work pretty well!)
Happy shopping!



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Champagne, Shopping, Party! Wednesday, Dec. 12, 6:30-9:30pm

Bring some friends and come on over to Bodacious for some festive cheer and shopping specials! Our designers have given their blessings on offering you discounts on many of our in-store items. We also have tons of gift-y items for that 'hard to buy for' friend or family member. Hope to see you!
Lorna, Barb, Brandy, Oz, Audrey, and Alix