Monday, June 04, 2007


Pssst…….Can we talk??
Spring is finally here, in fact today it feels like summer all the way. What do you do to cool down? How are you going to stay comfortable? I want to talk about a dirty little secret all of us bodacious girls know and loathe. “Chub Rub”. You don’t have to be such a big girl to get it either. “Chub Rub” is when your upper thighs rub together and cause discomfort, rash, welts and even bleeding. How many times have you put on that cool summer dress or pretty skirt and then taken it off because you fear for your thighs? God forbid you have to walk anywhere for any length of time with your eyes watering and your tender thighs burning.
Some people use oils or cocoa butter to ease the friction, some go the other way with powders and talcs. I’ve tried both and find they work for a little while only and unless you can duck in somewhere private to re-apply you could be out of luck.
The only thing that I have found that works all the time and as long as I need are knickers.
Mitzylaneous Designs, one of our fabulous in-house designers make these lightweight bike short style knickers that come in black or white and are just heaven to wear. She uses a cool/dry type fabric that is designed for athletes because it wicks moisture away from the body and keeps everything comfy, dry and chafe free. Even more exciting? She has also designed a ¾ length legging in black that are trimmed in lace at the calf and made from the same lightweight fabric as the knickers.
Just say NO to “Chub Rub”!

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Anonymous said...

Chub rub huh. who knew it had a name!!!!!! I learn something from you 2 everyday I swear...knickers would have been the answer in that Euro +36 heat...ahhh. next time for sure. its a great suggestion - tanx.