Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Change is in the Air

Well, it's well past the middle of July and it sort of feels like summer is over. Apparently we're going to get another shot at it. Let's hope so! We're dealing with some change/growing pains here at Bodacious. Our lovely and much-loved Jocelyn has decided to leave us for a job closer to home and family and is just finishing up this week. We're very sad to see her go but understand that everyone has to make decisions that work for them and moves them forward in life. We're very happy that Brandy has agreed to take over the position of store sales manager and we're in the process of hiring more staff to join the Bodacious team. Having to deal with the weather hasn't been great fun in the past few weeks but it has provided some ideas and creativity around getting dressed. I've had lots of fun lately mixing up some fantastic sheer long-sleeve tees from the Gap with Bodacious and other designer dresses, jeans and skirts. I love the idea of mixing new with old or putting pieces together that you wouldn't traditionally consider. I really think it's more important to have options to create your own style than to follow current trends word for word (or look for look). Have fun creating your own unique look and style and wear it with pride and confidence!

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