Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sexy Boots That Fit our Calves!

It's definitely the time of year when you want to have a good, sexy and comfy pair of boots to spice up jeans or your favourite dress. The challenge that most women seem to have is finding a boot that will fit her calf. We've had success through a few different sources.
1. - I've purchased a couple pair of boots from this American online company. They have several pairs of boots with larger calf options and the prices are pretty good.
2. - now available to us North of the border, this website has an awesome selection of shoes and boots in all types of specialty sizing.
3. - Barb and I each bought a pair of boots here last week (at Oakridge Mall in Vancouver) and they have a good selection of Franco Sarto and others that have the stretchy material to fit over a larger calf. (the secret told to me by a Sterling staffer is to fold the boot down like a sock, put it on your foot and then pull the boot up your leg. It seems to work pretty well!)
Happy shopping!




Anonymous said...

OMG-- don't forget about, they're from the UK and I've ordered, their stuff ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

If the boot is made of leather it will stretch over time. I
bought some and wore them slouched and everytime I wore they stretched. They know fit perfect.
If you can't find a style that fits your calf, you can go with a lace up boot like this
sexy boot.

Davida said...

So stylish shoes and dresses are available at One Stop Plus store...

bootmaster said...

I own several pairs of boots and love the way they feel against my feet and legs. I prefer the high heeled leather type that goes up to at least the top of the knee. There is something so very powerful about wearing a pair of hot sexy boots and the confidence they give you as a woman. My husband absolutely goes crazy for me in my famous sexy boots. Sometimes I just wear them around the house to get a rise out of him, pun intended. They are practical also; they can give you extra height if needed and also serve well to kick an intruder in the private parts if you are being attacked. When I wear my hot sexy boots I also like to wear nylons or pantyhose with them to complete the look. This really turns me on ,having my sexy knee high, leather sexy boots on with pantyhose on underneath. Makes me a bit horny writing this as I think about my husband looking at me in my boots. I love to have a guy stare at my legs when I am wearing a pair of boots. They look up and down my legs and then to the boots. They really make me feel good when I where them for many reasons.