Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What are you wearing?

As the weather warms up, it's so exciting to pull out all of my summer dresses, skirts, capris, tees, flip-flops and sandals. Today, since I really didn't know what it was doing out there, I put on my turquoise cotton knee-length tunic (a recent Paris purchase) and rolled up denim capris and flats. I love the idea of a tunic that's light enough to wear even when the sun peeps out but keeps things covered if there's still that chill in the air.

I'm really excited to add this new dress to my wardrobe as soon as it comes through the doors (early next week?)...We have the red and white polka-dot version (which we're also getting more sizes in) and it's lovely. We're also getting more of this sexy number which is red hot for those summer weddings (I know you don't want to outshine the bride but why not give her a run for her money?)...

What are you wearing these days? What makes you feel sexy? Does this weather inspire you to bare your arms, jump in the pool or ???
Send us a pic or a story and we'll enter your name in our draw for a Bodacious gift basket.

Enjoy the sun!


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