Friday, September 12, 2008

A concern from a loyal customer...and our response. Your thoughts?

"Hey Ladies....

Let me start off by saying that I always enjoy your newsletter.
However, this time I was dismayed at the photos of the tiny tiny skinny skinny model displaying your new clothes. Very un-bodacious!
Its hard enough having to "imagine" what my curvy body would look like in clothes that are modeled when I read other magazines etc, but when it comes from you guyz its particularily perplexing."

name withheld

Hi name withheld,

We certainly meant no disrespect to our Bodacious customers by showing a slimmer model in our newsletter. The fact of the matter is that this independant local designer took the time and expense to have professional photos taken of her designs so it made sense to show them to you. She does offer much of her clothing in a whole range of sizes from size 2 up to a 22/24. We would have loved to be able to re-shoot these fashions but we don't even have all of the designs in store yet. What we are offering is a preview. Once we have the pieces in stock we will try to send out a better image of the clothing so you can see how it looks in larger sizes.
This is by no means a trend for us but from time to time we have no choice but to show you the only photos that are available. Our sizing starts at size 10 and goes to 24 so we will always try our best to show a true representation of these sizes. Thanks for your feedback and rest assured that slimmer models are not the new reality for Bodacious.


Lorna & Barb

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Cecily said...

If the designer makes clothes that fit everyone between a size 2-24, then why not have both a straight-size and a plus-size model in the catalog? Perhaps this is a chance where you can put a bug in the designer's ear that (1) we love her clothes and (2) we would love to see ourselves represented in her promotional materials.