Friday, January 16, 2009


We've had some fantastic media hits lately including this weeks' CBC Living Vancouver spot. (click on the box that says - LV 09.01.12 and go to the 9 1/2 minute mark. Not super easy but we think it's worth a watch) We also just learned that we are to be on the March COVER of the new Today's Vancouver Woman (formerly known as Shared Vision). How exciting and how scary! That's pretty much an 8 1/2 by 11 shot...of us...on the COVER! Eyebrows? Check. Hair? Check. Makeup? Apparently they have 'people' for that.
As always, when we're interviewed, our biggest concern is that they 'get' us. We feel we're so much more than a retail store selling clothes. We are about celebrating women, in the moment! We are about empowering women and discouraging the negative self-talk. We are about providing clothing options for women so they can have a style of their very own. We are about promoting a full and happy lifestyle that includes comfy and stylish clothes, accessories, scents that make you smile and walk a little taller down the street.
We hope you're having a great week and have some plans to "celebrate your curves" this weekend!

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