Friday, March 20, 2009

Bold and Audacious Women Interview - Take 1

I'd like to introduce you to...
Miranda Lievers - owner of Blue Olive Photography. The first of many interviews we will share with you featuring strong, independent and Bodacious women. Enjoy...

favourite part of your body?... My smile! Is that a body part?
3 words/phrases your friends would use to describe you/your style?... I have consulted - they tell me Sassy, Passionate, and Colourful
fashion/personal inspiration? Life is for living and what I wear has to agree with that… I go for comfortable and practical, try to never forget the accessories, and never *ever* take myself too seriously
favourite tv show/movie? For no thought required end of day winding down - Grey's and Gossip Girl. For movies that make you angry and joyous and cry - Away from Her, Kolya, Across The Universe, Atonement….
knee high socks or full tights? Definitely full tights, and in some sort of fun colour
sexy jeans or a flirty dress? Dress me up! I never used to be a dress girl but now that I have a few that fit me well (Bodacious, of course!) I wear them all the time
heels or flats? Definitely flats - I'm just not that coordinated, I think it's best that I remain as close to the ground as possible
gotta ask - top 5 people you'd invite to dinner (alive or dead)? I thought about this for a long time. On different days I would have different answers, but today I'd love to sit down with my grandparents when they were my age and all of my great grandparents (whom I never got to meet) when they had the wisdom that old age can bring. I'd ask them to tell me their stories.
favourite colour combination? At this minute, Black & Turquoise. This changes multiple times per day.
phrase/quote that inspires you? I will be who I will to be, I am who I have willed to become
piece of clothing that makes you feel sexy? I finally bought a real corset, something I've wanted for a long time. I think they are fantastic for making you feel great about yourself
most recent clothing purchase? A cute retro print shirt with a keyhole neckline, perfect for work dressed up or with jeans for a beer
what's on the 'i need to have it' list for spring? A decent light fitted jacket, probably black but with a bright colourful liner inside!
upcoming projects? Entreprenessa Magazine! I'm starting a magazine for creative entrepreneurs, and I am so incredibly excited for it. Get involved at
final words? Simply, never take life too seriously and take a minute every day to be thankful for everything incredible in your life. Focus on what you can change rather than what you can't and keep smiling. Everything else will fall into place. Cheers!
Great and inspirational words, Miranda! Thanks so much for being our first Bold and Audacious Woman interview!

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