Monday, April 06, 2009

Bold and Audacious Women Interview - Take 2

We would like to introduce you to Karen Henrich!

Here's a little story for you

Once upon a time, two North American girlfriends went to Paris in search of fun and adventure. Day after glorious day and night after glorious night they frolicked happily in the City of Light. Magic unfolded as they strolled down grand boulevards and medieval streets, feasted like Queens, partied like Impressionist painters and encountered delightful Parisians and handsome men (wink). Even the occasional haughty indifference of a waiter charmed them so. Early one morning, as the girlfriends returned to their hotel after partying the entire night, the hotel clerk smiled at them and said in the Frenchest of accents . . .“In France, we call this a ‘nuit blanche’ – a ‘white night’. Bonne journée mesdemoiselles. . . ” After returning home, the girls lived happily ever after with their wondrous Parisian memories and wanted to share their delightful experiences with women across the land. Thus is how Nuit Blanche Tours began . . .
Sound like a fairy tale? . . . well it’s not . . . this is Nuit Blanche Tours . . .

Check out the links below to see what else Karen is up to. She's a busy woman and you must check out her Chic Walk shopping walks!

Just how busy is Karen? She says, "Two international businesses and I live on two continents: Canada and France. It’s why I don’t sleep much." Who needs to sleep when you're having this much fun? - Tours for Girls Who Want to Have Fun in Paris (girlfriend getaways) - Step-by-step Shopping Walks. For Fashion Capitals. Worldwide.

Favourite part of your body? Upper arms, which are still muscular from former extreme-sport days

3 words/phrases your friends would use to describe you/your style?

Morning person or not?
One of my company names is Nuit Blanche Tours, the first two words in French literally mean “white night,” meaning that you stay up all night because you’re having so much fun. So, I am not a morning person, unless I have stayed up all night as a result of a nuit blanche. Please don’t invite me to early morning meetings.

Favourite tv show/movie?HouseMovie:
Unfaithful (the American version with Diane Lane, Richard Gere and French hunk, Olivier Martinez

Knee high socks or full tights?
Neither, fish net stockings!

Sexy jeans or a flirty dress?

Heels or flats?
Heels as high as they go, while still allowing walking on cobblestones without breaking my ankles/neck

Gotta ask - top 5 people you'd invite to dinner (alive or dead)?
1) My dad, who left us on earth but is still very much here in spirit
2) My incredibly wonderful, sexy fiance
3) The Obamas, the whole family, who doesn’t love them?
4) Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay
5) Leonard Cohen

Phrase/quote that inspires you?
Tout est possible (all is possible)

Piece of clothing that makes you feel sexy?
Long gloves that go to the elbow

Most recent clothing purchase?
No purchases but lots of voyeurism at Vancouver Fashion Week

Recently upcoming projects?
To add other fashion cities to; already in progress are detailed shopping walks for San Francisco and LA, then NYC and London

Final words?
We're always on the look-out for fashionista journalist-types in other cities!

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