Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Let me introduce you...

Bold and Audacious Women Interview - take 3!

We've had the pleasure of working with Danielle several times in the last couple of years and this woman kicks ass! A very direct, wise, powerful and refreshing inspiration. Enjoy her interview and check out her website when you have a chance...

name / biz info/website, etc...
I'm Danielle LaPorte. Tho' my birth name is Veronica Danielle (long story about how it came down to Danielle). I created because self-realization rocks (and because I'm writing a book with the same title. BTW, my first book is Style Statement; Live By Your Own Design.) On a weekly basis I do "Fire Starter sessions" with entrepreneurs -- a bit of tough love, some intuition and a big dose of start-up and social media acumen.
favourite part of your body?
My eyes. Especially with some black liner and Voluminous Mascara.

what was the last thing that made you laugh uncontrollably?
My incredible farting child has impeccable comedic timing.

3 words/phrases your friends would use to describe you/your style?
A friend emailed me last week and described my style as: "rockstar goddess with a swanky exotic backbone." Hell yeah!

fashion/personal inspiration?
Georgia O'Keefe...her austerity is divine. I also happen to like Geishas, monks and a lot of what Donna Karan does that is NOT black.

favourite tv show/movie?
The Piano. All time fav. Close runner up is Baz Lurhman's Romeo & Juliet.

sexy jeans or a flirty dress?
How about...flirty Kimono.

heels or flats?
Shit-kicking boots. Well heeled and as pointy as possible.

gotta ask - top 5 people you'd invite to dinner (alive or dead)?
Leonard Cohen, Jesus Christ, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves, Oprah, John O'Donahue, late amazing theologian and poet

favourite colour combination?
I adore the desert turquoise with espresso-brown flecks - but I'd never actually wear that colour combo. In terms of clothing, my favourite combo is mocha with...more mocha.

phrase/quote that inspires you/makes your heart soar?
"Mama!" Only when my five year old is saying it, running to me for a hug -- doesn't have the same effect from construction workers.

piece of clothing that makes you feel sexy?
my shawl from India.

most recent clothing purchase?
brown flouncy tee from H&M.

what's on the 'i need to have it' list for spring/summer?
cork platforms and RayBan aviators.

upcoming projects?
I'm doing Fire Starter gigs in fourteen cities between now and the fall. I am crazy. Also, launching a stationery line.

final words?
Talk is cheap. Love is a verb. Authenticity is magnetic. And while I have your attention, check out:

Ps...I love you Bodacious ladies. Thanks for a great interview.
Aww, thanks!

-- Danielle LaPorte
cell: 604.418.8811
ENTREPRENEURS ARE HOT: "My Fire Starter Session with Danielle is the best investment I have ever made. Ever."- Sarah Bray, Web developer, Virginia Beach

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janice said...

"Authenticity is magnetic" - couldn't agree more! That's why I enjoyed this interview and love your book and blog.