Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dear Oprah,

I'm confused! You feature a "300 pound" woman on your show who's father says she's not ok the way she is. When she loses weight through gastric bypass surgery and comes back on your show, she earns a standing ovation and the love of her father. You never once let this woman know that she's beautiful, lovable and deserving of love before her weight loss. The following day after the weight loss show, you feature Crystal, a size 12 "plus-size" model who declares on your show that every woman should be represented in the fashion industry. You wholeheartedly agreed. I don't believe you. What I think you might have meant is that any woman who is a size 2 to a size 14 should be represented. You say that "size-ism" is the last acceptable form of discrimination. Oprah! Why perpetuate that discrimination when you have the power to change it. You challenge so many things but refuse to celebrate ALL women - as they are - right now!

Lorna Ketler


Crystal Precious said...

Good call, Lorna! If I ever have the pleasure of meeting Oprah, I'm sure I won't be able to resist confessing my eternal confusion about her ongoing weight-obsession. Fo' real. It's like, OPRAH. You're the most influencial woman in the Western hemisphere. You can make or break entire careers with one promotional segment. You make over $200 million dollars a year. MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people love and invest in you. WHY do you still obsess over your weight and the weight of other people???? CHILL. Eat the effin' donut and get on with the rest of your fabulous day!!! And get an extra massage for me. Ummmkay?

Crystal Precious

XtaG said...


(did you send this to her, by any chance? Wonder what sort of response you'd get...)

I'd love to see Ms Crystal Precious do her divine act on Oprah.. or perhaps on another show that doesn't have the same history of image issues! (can't think of one off the top of my head, though!)

Anonymous said...

I'm confused... since when is a size 12 a plus size? Since now?

A little while back, you couldn't find a size 12 in a plus-size store if you tried!! Less than 10 years ago, you could find a range of "cool" stores that carried size 16s and XLs. Now, it's hard to come across the "cool" stores that sell larger than a 12 or an L.

That's what really bothers me!! It's only because models these days are size -3! The whole industry is messed up. Maybe next decade someone with some social pull will tear off the veil and see what society is doing to women who starve themselves to be thin!

Bodacious said...

Just to set the record straight, Bodacious is not a "plus size store". We have never used the term "plus size" to describe our store, our clothing or our customers. The reason Bodacious sells clothing in smaller sizes like 10 and 12 is because we have heard from a lot of women who wear these sizes and have difficulty finding clothing that fits. The largest size in a lot of stores is labeled size XL and fits like a size 8. I understand why you would be upset being called plus size at a size 12. Believe me it doen't feel any better to be called plus size at a size 20. I think the term plus size stinks. We refuse that label. That's our way of thumbing our noses to an industry that excludes people from fashion because of their size.
We can all make ourselves heard to the fashion industry by spending our money in places that "get it" and avoiding those that don't. Write letters to fashion magazines and tell them that you're tired of not being represented and if they don't do something about it you're not going to buy them any more. Ask to speak to the buyer in stores that you like that don't carry your size, ask them why.
The industry terms for womens clothing in sizes over 12 are "plus Size" and "oversize".
At Bodacious we sell fashion that comes in sizes 12-24. We call it "fashion".
That's our way of changing things, our way of empowering women, our little revolution.
It's how we want to make a change in the fashion industry. Believe me, they are starting to notice.


jennifer'svancouver said...

Well written letter. I hope you sent it to the Oprah Show.

Bodacious said...

The letter was definitely sent to Oprah - so far, no response. Will keep you posted...