Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Love Clothes

I love clothes.
I want the clothes I see other girls wearing, you know, smaller girls. I don’t want clothes to cover me up and make me disappear. Sometimes I want to show off my best assets too. I want the clothes that I see in the magazines, or on T.V. or some really confident beautiful woman on the street. I want clothes that fit me well and are soft or silky and tight in all the right places. I want clothes that skim my curves and help me feel at ease in my body. I want fun easy trendy clothes. I want classic pieces that I will treasure and wear for years because they never wear out or go out of style. I want clothes that I can pick up off of my bedroom floor, give a good shake and wear again. I want clothes that other people covet. I want clothes that go with shoes I love. I love shoes.
I want clothes that fit me!
Don’t you love clothes?
I love clothes.



sheila said...

yes! i totally agree! i want all of that too!

love sheila

Anonymous said...

i want all of that too, and i think that bodacious does it's best to provide me with that. i just wish i could get all of that at the same price the skinny girls get to pay.

Andy said...

It's in French, and it's not a lot, but that's what i like with the web! (Hope you can translate the best you can ;))

lil NudistGirl said...

Clothes suck, for many reaons. There overrated. People spend to much money on clothes and care to much about what they wear. Who cares, there just clothes. I can write pages of pages why I hate clothes and why there overrated. But I'm not going to cuz I don't feel like typing it all. I have posted a large comment in my MySpace about it.