Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bodacious Business Spotlight

Maybe you've heard about boot camps but have been scared off by the military, hard-core idea of it all. Nobody really wants someone yelling in their face and making them do push-ups in the mud!
We believe in positive support and encouragement and so do these ladies. They also recognize that skinny doesn't equal healthy - and curvy doesn't mean couch potato!

Body Exchange "Plus-Size" Bootcamps now available in Vancouver.
"dedicated to the Plus Size and Beginner community; our mission is Fearless Fitness. We are here to encourage people to make the exchange to a healthier lifestyle and start their fitness journey today. We focus on a healthier lifestyle; mind, body and soul. No more fad diets! Weight loss is a great side effect of better health. Body Exchange™ has a realistic training approach; we know there is nothing worse than demoralization through fitness! Finally, you will attain fitness success. We invite you to put aside your current size, age or physical ability and change your life today."

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