Thursday, February 05, 2009

How times have changed...or have they?

I was inspired by Big Fat Deal's blog this morning showing a vintage ad for "chubby" kids. Great discussion there about what constituted "chubby" in those days and what we might call those sizes now.
There has been some forward movement in the media - notably "How to Look Good Naked", the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty, and a few celebrities who are curvy, proud and outspoken.
I am, however, often shocked by how little progress has been made. From the perspective of a retailer who is always looking for fun, flattering clothing to carry for you, I think you'd be surprised to learn how often those beautiful designs we get to see and order at the shows are cancelled before delivery. (dozens of times, we've received the smaller sizes and told that they decided not to produce the larger ones meaning we had to ship it all back - we are pretty much an all-or-nothing operation)
This is apparently due to lack of interest or confidence from other retailers even though we know that if we had the product in our store, you would buy it. In fact, we do have it and you do buy it. (Thanks to our extremely talented team of local designers!) We're always just looking for more!
What do you think? Are curvy, larger-sized women just used to not having a choice or a voice? Are they more apt to settle for something that covers/fits unwell?
We know that's not our customer. Our customer is beautiful, proud and confident; willing to show off her curves and strut her stuff.
And the good news is, we have sourced for you some amazing pieces from reputable suppliers (lots of dresses!!!) for spring and they will be arriving through our doors any day now.
We'd love to know what you think so feel free to post here or check out our facebook page...


Carol Browne said...

LOLS! Put me on that mailing list, Lane Bryant! Hahaha!

Can you imagine? Sheesh!

lostdwarf said...

Thank goodness for your store. Before my first visit, I thought I couldn't wear one piece dresses. I couldn't get one that fit my top and bottom without it looking like a muumuu.

I thought it was just that my body was oddly shaped.

After visiting... well, I'm kind of obsessed with dresses now; I think I'm making up for lost time :)

I'm thrilled there's a place where I can find good quality clothes for a woman my size.