Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Weather Public Service Announcement!



Not sleeping at night?

Feeling totally pooped?

Well, you`re either in love - or you`re having a heatwave!

creampuff by gg sends you some hot tips for staying cool:

1. Choose water over sugary or alcoholic drinks

2. Put your fan on the floor – it will blow cool air in & hot air out (cool air falls, hot air rises)

3. Have a cool bath before bedtime – it will help lower your core temperature & you’ll sleep better

4. Drink a small amount of Gatorade, Powerade or unflavoured baby Pedialyte (if sugars or salts are a concern check with your doctor)

5. Take it easy – don’t rush around – shorten your “to-do” list

6. Visit an air-conditioned place during the day – like a theatre or a mall

7. Put a freezer ice-pack in a pillowcase & take it to bed with you

8. Wear creampuffs by gg – girlie boxer shorts!
Staying cool in ‘blue camoflower’ creampuffs!

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