Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3rd Place Runner Up -Mother's Day Contest

Adrienne had a LOT to say about her wonderful mother. We have edited it down from 3 pages to a few paragraphs.

Thanks Adrienne!!

My mom… The kind of mother I want to be!

My mom was a work at home mother for the first 13 year of my life. She once said to me, “The decision on whether or not to work at home was very easy for me. I couldn't imagine someone else raising my kids."

...She was the first person I would ask to come shopping with me and the first person to whom my friends would ask opinions of. In high school, while other girls were shopping with their friends I was shopping with my mom. She knew all of the great stores and she really knew how to pull items off a shelf and put them together to make a statement outfit! I always looked nice when she was helping me… plus she’d pay for some of them if I invited her!~ ...

...My mom still influences my clothing decisions. She is in her 50’s now I am in my mid 20’s. There are still many times when she finds me visiting the house, pulling something out of her closet to wear or she hears messages on her voicemail from my fiancĂ© and me asking her to come shopping with us on Sunday because we need new clothes! ...

...My mom is most deserving of this recognition. She has influenced and taught me and my sister style, confidence, and fashion from head to toe! I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day,

Love from your biggest fan,

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